A kitchen area with a Palladiom keypad displayed on the wall.

Smart Lighting Control Brings Ease, Beauty, and Wellness

Manage Your Home’s Lighting with One Touch

Lighting is no longer just a way to see in the dark. Today’s smart lighting control enables homeowners to create the ideal atmosphere for every event, from entertaining to watching movies, relaxing with the family, and date night. Gone are the banks of light switches, and in their place are elegant in-wall keypads, touchscreens, and remotes. For example, press the “Dinner” button, and your dining room lights illuminate to the color of golden candlelight while the kitchen’s task lighting dims and the ambient light softly glows in amber tones.  

Want something even better? Your home lights the way as soon as you pull into the driveway or your kids walk down a dark hallway. 

At Mavien, we believe smart homes should enhance your daily life and your home should be enjoyed to the fullest. To accomplish this, all our smart homes in Nashville, TN, are custom designed, aligned with your unique needs and desires. Today’s technology truly offers limitless opportunities for expressing your preferences and illuminating your home in its best light. Let’s explore the possibilities.

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Effortless Control

Now, you can control one fixture or every light in your home with a single press of a button. With one touch, dozens of lights adjust, creating the perfect lighting for any activity, from cooking, relaxing, reading, exercising, and entertaining friends and family. 

Thanks to today’s dynamic full-spectrum lighting, homeowners can illuminate their properties in every color imaginable. Having friends over to watch the big game? Highlight your home in lights the color of your favorite team effortlessly. 

A Healthier Home

We can also program your home’s lighting to adjust automatically throughout the day, mirroring the changing color of daylight. Not only does this lighting offer elegance and beauty, but it also helps family members align their circadian rhythm, the internal clock that regulates the sleep-wake cycle.

Our bodies naturally respond to the sun’s light throughout the day. This light regulates our hormones, prompting wakefulness during the day and relaxation in the evening. Tunable or human-centric lighting helps restore this cycle that has been altered due to artificial light. Now, you wake to lights the color of sunrise and enjoy evenings in a soft, warm glow.

Peace of Mind

Do you tend to travel on the weekends? No worries! Your lights can support your home security system and keep your home safe. Our experts will program an “Away” button that turns your lights on and off and raises and lowers the motorized shades at random intervals, creating the illusion that your home is occupied.

At Mavien, we’re a local boutique company proud to be a part of the Nashville community. Our personalized service ensures a customized approach to every project. Let’s explore the nearly limitless possibilities together. To learn more about lighting control or to schedule a consultation, contact Mavien today!