Person’s hand reaching to tap a Control4 smart home control screen.

4 Incredible Superpowers of Smart Home Automation

See How a Smart Home System Can Enhance Your Daily Routine 

There’s no doubt that smart home automation brings the cool factor. Like a magic trick, you can wow friends and family by opening the blinds, playing music, and changing your lights to purple with a tap on your phone. 

But the best smart home systems offer more than techy tricks or DIY solutions. They provide real, tangible benefits to modern homeowners that improve several facets of daily life.

If you’re curious about bringing smart home automation to your home in Nashville, TN, continue reading to discover the surprising ways it can enrich your life. 

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It Saves Energy  

How many of us want to live more resourcefully and eco-friendly but aren’t sure where to start? Did you know that a smart home system like Control4 can automatically tell your home to save energy? 

On the smart home interface, you can schedule lights and thermostats to power off when you’re away from home and even turn them off remotely if you ever forget. We can connect motion sensors to power off lights in vacant rooms, and smart thermostats will learn your temperature preferences and routine, so you’re never wasting excess heat or electricity. Motorized shades can even keep rooms cool in summer and warmer in winter, so you’ll rely less on your HVAC system. 

It Improves Your Mood 

Yes, your smart home can contribute to better moods! For one thing, tunable lighting intelligently adjusts your lights’ color temperature throughout the day to replicate natural sunlight. With bright, cool light in the morning and warm, golden light in the afternoon, you’ll feel more in tune with your circadian rhythm, more alert during the day, and sleep more soundly at night. 

And through the same smart system, you can select and play music across your multi-room sound system. Music has been proven to improve wellness, and with a tap on your phone or button on the wall, you can connect to your favorite tunes in any room. Whether you’re cooking or working in the home office, music will waft through the house, easily controlled with a single swipe of a finger or voice command. 

It Protects Your Home 

Use your smart home to feel safer by integrating automated door locks, surveillance cameras, and alarms into the system. You’ll receive automated alerts for any suspicious activity and can check security cameras from the same app that controls your audio speakers and smart lights. The presence of a security system alone can deter burglars, giving you peace of mind as you lie down to sleep or jet off on vacation.  

It Gives Your Time Back  

To-do lists can take over our lives, with miscellaneous tasks consuming an entire afternoon. Instead, let your smart home take care of those minor to-dos. 

Imagine grabbing your wallet and jacket to leave the house, and by pressing an “Away” button on the wall, you turn off the lights, lower the shades, power off thermostats, and activate the alarm system. Later if you’re hosting friends, it only requires a press of a button to turn on the landscape lights, queue a playlist over the speakers, and turn on the hot tub jets. Life is undeniably simpler with smart home automation! 

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