A home with an open-floor plan and in-ceiling speakers.

Experience the Ultimate Luxury: Smart Whole-Home Integration

Enjoy Smart Home Living at its Finest

Home. For some, that word conjures up a sanctuary where they retreat from the outside world, finding restoration and peace. For others, particularly in Nashville, TN, it’s a space where the party continues, with friends and family gathering for jam sessions, backyard barbecues by the pool, and movie nights under the stars. 

For many, the definition lies somewhere in between. 

Thanks to today’s technology, you can create a home that sets the perfect stage for life’s many moods, from entertaining to relaxing. One tap on a touchscreen or voice command, and your space transforms. The lighting adjusts, high-fidelity music streams through your home, doors unlock to welcome your guests, or the spa heats to provide a moment of serenity. 

This is the magic of whole-home integration—a smart home that defines luxury living, performs everyday tasks, and creates the perfect environment for all of life’s precious moments.

At Mavien, we’re passionate about bringing this incredible experience to our community. Let’s explore what whole-home integration means. 

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An Integrated Smart Home

Many people are embracing smart home technology, from smart speakers to video doorbells, LED lighting, and motorized shades. In most cases, these devices are managed through their individual apps. 

Whole-home integration reshapes this experience. It creates a home where all your connected devices and systems, from climate control to shades, lights, entertainment devices, smart appliances, security, pools, spas, and more, are managed from one centralized platform. These devices communicate with the home automation system and with each other.

Now, you experience a genuine smart home. The shades rise to wake you in the morning, and the lights settle into the color of sunrise. The towel racks are heated, and the water is warm. And on it goes throughout the day, a home preparing itself for you in advance.

Monitor Your Home From Anywhere

With one glance at a beautiful touchscreen, you can see the status of every device. Did someone forget to lock the back door or leave the TV on in the media room? With one touch, you can adjust your devices. In fact, you can manage your home no matter where you are, right from your mobile device. Your home also communicates with you, sending alerts if someone walks onto your property or the humidity unexpectedly rises.

Customized for How You Live

But it’s the customization that defines the ultimate in luxury living. We’ll program your home to automate your daily routines and create the ideal settings for your lifestyle. Press a button on a custom-engraved keypad, and your smart home responds. 

For instance, press ‘Entertain,’ and your preferred playlist fills your home and outdoor areas via high-performance in-ceiling and landscape speakers. Every indoor and outdoor light adjusts to preset hues, from a soft golden glow in the dining room to teal and turquoise on the patio. The climate adjusts, the doors unlock, and the gas fireplace and firepit ignite. 

And that’s just the beginning of smart home living. At Mavien, our automation and audio-video experts are here to help you create a smart home that amazes, entertains, and simplifies!

To learn more about whole-home integration or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Mavien today.