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What to Expect When You Hire a Commercial Integrator

Get the Best Technology Solutions for Your Nashville Business

The online newspaper TechCrunch once claimed that “every company is a technology company.” We’d have to agree. From restaurants to corporate offices, warehouses to retail stores, all modern businesses rely on some form of technology and AV. Whether it’s an intercom system in a school or a speaker system in a bar, most Nashville businesses need the help of a commercial integrator to install these solutions.

If you’re building a new commercial space—or if your business’s tech needs an upgrade—a commercial integrator like Mavien is here to help. In this article, we’ll share how commercial technology integrators implement AV and smart solutions. Here’s what to expect for your project in Nashville, TN.

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What Are My Options?

When you partner with a commercial AV integrator, you can access and install the following technology solutions:

  • Building automation
  • Multi-room audio and video
  • Video walls and digital signage
  • Conference room systems
  • Performance audio
  • Lighting control
  • Motorized shading
  • Surveillance and security
  • Access control
  • HVAC control
  • Landscape lighting
  • Outdoor AV
  • Networking and Wi-Fi
  • And more!

Designing Your Technology System

A successful AV and technology installation requires meticulous planning and collaboration between our integrators and your business proprietors. The following steps outline the initial planning and design process:

Needs Assessment: We begin by asking about your objectives and specific technological needs, and we will pinpoint room quantities, preferred audio and video sources, and unique functionalities.

Infrastructure Analysis: Next, we evaluate your building’s existing infrastructure to gauge its compatibility with the intended AV and smart technology systems. We evaluate electrical capabilities and network frameworks, as well as identify cabling needs to ensure optimal performance.

System Blueprint: We then design the placement strategy for devices, displays, control panels, switches, and any supplementary equipment. The objective is to seamlessly install these components to blend into the environment as best as possible.

The Installation Process

With the plan in place, it’s time to install. This phase includes the following stages:

Wiring and Connectivity: Our technicians meticulously lay the groundwork for wiring and cabling infrastructure, ensuring cables are hidden to reduce clutter.

Equipment Deployment: Installing and positioning audio amplifiers, speakers, video displays, control panels, lighting fixtures, cameras, and other essential equipment to follow the system design.

Testing and Calibration: We conduct thorough testing and calibration to ensure seamless system operation. This involves adjusting audio levels, fine-tuning video displays, and configuring network connectivity as needed.

Now It’s Your Turn!

It’s time for your team to leverage the capabilities of the AV and smart technology system. We’ve streamlined your building’s technology into an easy control system, enabling your staff to effortlessly oversee multiple rooms via smartphones, tablets, or wall control panels. With simple taps, you can modify audio volume, view surveillance footage, and control lighting and HVAC systems. We’ll walk you through the system so you feel empowered to make changes and control technology on your own.

If your Nashville, Tennessee, business is ready to explore the possibilities of a new distributed AV or smart technology system, Mavien is here to help. Our comprehensive services cover everything discussed here and more. Get in touch with us now to start this exciting journey!