A busy conference room featuring two HD monitors.

Are You Looking for Efficiency? Try Commercial AV!

An Integrated, Automated AV System Leads to Higher Efficiency and Productivity Across the Board

Modern times and challenges demand modern solutions, and businesses across the US have seldom faced a more uncertain moment than the present. The past few years have redefined how we live and work. Today’s workforce is spread throughout the world. Connecting with clients and employees is more important now than ever.

At Mavien, we design and install Commercial AV systems in Nashville, TN, and its surrounding areas, focusing on integrated, automated solutions to help companies become more efficient and their employees more productive. Read on to learn how we do it!

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Integrated, Automated AV

Whatever your business goals may be, a professionally installed AV system will help you achieve them. At Mavien, our projects range from retail and restaurant AV installations to office-wide solutions that optimize boardrooms, conference, and training rooms. What is the common theme across all these projects? The automation and integration of technology systems.

By integrating all technology systems, our professional installers guarantee that every smart device in your office will perform its best. For example, tapping on a number of preset scenes will immediately impact multiple devices, setting audio, video, lights, and even the shades just the way you like them! Likewise, after a meeting, one more tap and the whole room will switch to energy-saving mode and cut down on your energy bills. For remote and hybrid workers, an integrated scheduling system allows them to reserve a conference room, modify or cancel a reservation, and connect to interact with any smart AV device as if they were at the office.

There is no substitute for experience when it comes to commercial automation. Our team of experts will fully integrate and automate your AV system to help you, your clients, and your employees connect through a platform designed to optimize efficiency and productivity in the workplace. 

Beyond Audio & Video

As part of a comprehensive approach to commercial automation, we strive for the perfect work environment in all our projects. So, beyond AV, we also recommend designing and installing additional technology systems for some of our clients. Intelligent lighting control is one of these systems. Exposure to the right light temperature is proven to increase heart rate and cognitive function, helping participants at a meeting be more focused and efficient. By using tunable lights throughout the workplace and integrating them with motorized shades and AV systems in places like conference rooms, we will significantly improve employee productivity and concentration during meetings. 

Are you ready for a new, more efficient, and productive workplace? Contact Mavien right here to learn more. We look forward to hearing from you!