A large open living space with floor-to-ceiling windows, in-ceiling speakers, and a TV displaying a sailboat.

Technology That Crafts the Perfect Environment

Whole House Integration Brings Beauty, Convenience, and Enjoyment

Our homes are becoming smarter, with technology playing a bigger role each year. Those entering the smart home arena may start with one or two devices, such as smart speakers, thermostats, lights, or doorbell cameras. As their devices grow, so do the apps that control them. And what started as exciting and helpful soon becomes confusing and frustrating.

That’s where whole house integration comes in. At Mavien, we specialize in smart home solutions that simplify our clients’ lives while bringing beauty, exceptional entertainment, and convenience. To accomplish this, we partner with Control4, an industry leader in home automation that sets out to make smart home technology easy to use and enjoyable. 

Let’s explore the makings of a smart home and how our clients in Nashville, TN, benefit from tailormade solutions.

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Total Integration

The Control4 home automation platform integrates with tens of thousands of connected devices. Now, all your smart devices are controlled under one platform. This same system manages your lighting, climate, shades, entertainment, security, and more. 

With total integration, your home becomes truly smart. Not only do your devices and systems communicate with your smart home platform, they also communicate with each other, creating a seamless dance for the perfect environment for every activity, mood, and time of day.

Effortless Control

Instead of switching lights on and off in every room, adjusting the thermostat, selecting music from your streaming server, using a cord to lower your shades, or the remote to select a TV station, you control all these devices from a Control4 user interface, such as a touch screen, handheld remote, or elegant in-wall keypad.

Even better? We’ll program these systems to automatically respond in relation to the time of day or your location. 

A Day in a Smart Home

You wake in the morning to shades rising and sunlight filtering into your room. Your “Great Day” playlist softly streams through the bedroom and kitchen. The temperature adjusts to the perfect setting, and the lights softly illuminate to the soft color of dawn. 

When you leave for the day, you tap the “Away” button on an in-wall keypad by the door, and the lights dim, the music turns off, the temperature lowers, the shades close, and the doors lock. When your kids arrive home from school, you receive an alert and check in on them through the Control4 touch screen. This system lets you communicate with and see any room of your home from your smartphone.

When you pull into the driveway at day’s end, the landscape lights illuminate, welcoming you home. The garage door opens, the doors unlock, and entryway and kitchen lights turn on, revealing a soft amber glow. As you open the door, you hear your “Relaxing” playlist streaming through nearly invisible in-ceiling speakers. The music follows you as you change your clothes and head to the preheated spa.   

At Mavien, we’re a boutique company invested in our community, providing exceptional hands-on service. Our team of experts creates customized and comprehensive smart home solutions, treating your home as our own. To learn more about the remarkable possibilities in home automation or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Mavien today.