A living area with in-ceiling speakers and a painting rising to reveal a TV.

The Secret to a Successful Media Room Installation

Creating a Space Designed for Fun & Relaxation

When audio-video technologies advanced and homeowners found they could enjoy the same immersive cinematic experience in their homes as the local multiplex, home theaters became entertainment central. Large movie screens, 4K HDR projectors, Dolby Atmos surround sound, and plush tiered recliners offered the ultimate entertainment, replicating the feeling and experience of commercial cinemas. 

There is, however, a rising star in home entertainment called the media room: a multi-use space designed for fun. This is the place to watch the big game with a group of friends, revel in Friday movie night, enjoy video game showdowns, and lose oneself in high-fidelity music.

Let’s explore the many facets of a media room installation and why homeowners in Nashville, TN, turn to Mavien to create the space that dreams are made of.

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The Multipurpose Room

Media rooms are unique to every family. Tiered movie seating gives way to sectionals, gaming chairs, and tables designed for game night. Some spaces have bars, while others serve as wellness retreats with yoga mats and candlelight. Media rooms are exceptionally yours and designed for your lifestyle. 

At Mavien, our team of audio-video and home automation experts will explore your many options and the solutions that provide ultimate entertainment. One thing you can count on is the cornerstone of your media room—high-performance audio and video, capable of creating ultra-realistic images and sounds that envelop you in another world. 

Thanks to today’s hidden technology, you can enjoy this immersive movie experience in nearly every room without affecting your home’s aesthetics. Strategically installed and calibrated high-fidelity in-wall, in-ceiling, and bookshelf speakers can be totally hidden or seamlessly blended into a house’s design. A concealed subwoofer delivers the impactful bass, while high-definition 4K TVs hide behind paintings, in ceilings, or under floors until beckoned with one touch of a button.   

The Lifelike Soundstage

Media rooms also offer the perfect space to kick back and enjoy high-fidelity audio. From immersive surround sound that uses technologies like Dolby Atmos to hi-fi stereo systems and floor-standing loudspeakers, you hear music and soundtracks as the creator intended. 

Effortless Control

When your media room is integrated with your home automation system, you experience effortless control. All you have to do is select the movie or audio, choose which room you want to be in, and enjoy. Instead of a pile of remotes, you manage all your audio-video equipment, lights, shades, and climate from a touch screen, in-wall keypad, or a single handheld remote. 

Finally, we’ll program preset scenes for specific occasions. For example, pressing the ‘Movie Night’ icon on a touch screen lowers the blackout shades, dims the lights, calls forth the large flat-screen TV, and starts the movie.

At Mavien, we create custom audio-video and home automation solutions for our many clients in Nashville, TN. As a part of the community, we pride ourselves on paying the utmost attention to detail and completing each project in a manner that exceeds your expectations. To learn more about the many options in a media room installation or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Mavien today.